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Benzint szállító tankhajó gyulladt ki, majd sűllyedt el

The following text is a Google German to English Translation of the news item:

Gasoline tanker sank after fire

Lingen-Holthausen . A filled with 900,000 gallons of gasoline tanker is advised when loading the private port of oil refinery in the Lower Saxony Emsland Lingen on fire. It came late on Monday evening for three larger explosions, as a company spokesman said on Tuesday. The fire department extinguished the fire and prevented the fire from spreading to two already-laden tanker. The five crew members of the burning tanker brought to safety in time. One of the men sustained minor injuries.

The ship sank after a fire on the ground of about 3.50 meter deep dock on the Dortmund-Ems Canal. The still water from the superior part of the ship was temporarily cooled by firefighters with water. The cause and extent of damage was the spokesman at first unable to provide details. It was not clear at first too, even if gasoline is loaded into the tanker.

According to the police dispersed the spilled fuel from the damaged vessel in the harbour and burned as well. The fire was extinguished with foam and tied. With the spread of fuel oil boom carpet was prevented. Later started to pump the explosive fuel / water mixture from the dock and to lead in tanks.

The Dortmund-Ems Canal and the surrounding area were closed, police said initially until further notice. The boat traffic was stopped, as is the operation of locks, to prevent the spread of Bezinfilms on the water.

The population was after the outbreak of the fire by radio and loudspeaker announcements were requested to be kept closed because of the soot windows and doors. The fire was extinguished shortly before 7.00 clock. About 250 emergency personnel were at the scene.


Pictures:  http://www.ndr.de/regional/niedersachsen/emsland/tanker145.html



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